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Financial Considerations - Cost of Living and Financial Support

Cost of Living, Fees, Tuition and Insurance

Living expenses in Germany are approx. 800€ per month. If a room in a dormitory is available the rent is about 250€ per month, but lately this is difficult. Other accomondation may cost up to 400€ monthly rent. Please note that it is not guaranteed that there is a room in the dormitory available.

In addition, enrolment fees which include public transportation are about 425€ per semester. They may change every semester, so for the current enrolment fee and the composition of this fee check the website from Leibniz Universität here.

Students are required to have health insurance with a German insurer (travel insurance is not sufficient) for about 80-90€ per month. As students work with high-tech laboratory equipment the course requires a liability insurance for about 45€ per year.

All fees are subject to change!

Financial Support

In case candidates cannot finance themselves, they are advised to check whether financing could be provided by local, national, international or other sources.

In addition, there is further information about individual German scholarships under the following links including a scholarship database:

Please consider the deadlines of the respective institutions.

Scholarships for Young Professionals

For young professionals from developing countries with a BSc in horticulture or related subjects and at least two years of professional experience scholarships are available under the funding scheme “Development-Related Postgraduate Courses” by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

More information on prerequisites and requirements can be found here.