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Major in Plant Production and Propagation

The Major Plant Production and Propagation is offered by the followoing supervisors:

Prof. Dr. Ludwig A. Hothorn

Main fields of research: Biostatistics, statistical methods in bioinformatics.

Prof. Dr. Moritz Knoche

Main fields of research: Fruit growth and development.

Prof. Dr. Edgar Maiß

Main fields of research: Molecular characterization of plant viruses, genetic engineering, transgenic plants, risk assessment of virus resistant transgenic plants.

Prof. Dr. Margrethe Serek

Main fields of research: Postharvest physiology and biology, in-vitro propagation and biotechnology of ornamental crops.

Prof. Dr. Hartmut Stützel

Main fields of research: Modelling plant growth and development, models for harvest forecast and plant architectural modelling, genomic modelling, mechanical weed control, models for irrigation scheduling, physiology of plant adaptation to drought, physiology and ecology of the nitrogen cycle.

Prof. Dr. Traud Winkelmann

Main fields of research: Physiology of propagation of horticultural crops, in vitro culture techniques, propagation of woody plants, interspecific hybridization, genetic transformation, somatic embryogenesis.