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Plant Biotechnology, Physiology and Genetics

The major Plant Biotechnology, Physiology and Genetics is offerend by the following supervisors:

Institute of Biostatistics

Dr. Frank Schaarschmidt

Main fields of research: Biostatistics, statistical methods in bioinformatics

Institute of Plant Genetics

Plant Breeding section

Prof. Dr. Thomas Debener

Main fields of research: Plant genetics, marker assisted selection, gene isolation and characterisation, genetic engineering.

Biotechnology section

Prof. Dr. Jens Boch

Main fields of research: Bacterial plant pathogens and their weapons, Genome editing (TALENs)

Molecular Biology section

Prof. Dr. Udo Schmitz 

Main fields of research: Extrachromosomal genetics, cytoplasmic male sterility and biochemistry of higher plants.

Plant Proteomics section

Prof. Dr. Hans-Peter Braun

Main fields of research: Plant mitochondria, respiration, photosynthesis, proteomics, protein transport.

Institute of Horticultural Productions Systems

Fruit Science section

Prof. Dr. Moritz Knoche

The section Fruit Science is particularly concerned with the physiology of fruits like apple and cherry and covers both, basic research questions as well as strategies for breeding and propagation.

Dr. Bishnu Khanal

Main fields of resarch: Mechanical properties of cuticles and their primary determinants

Phytomedicine section

Prof. Dr. Edgar Maiss

Main fields of research: Molecular characterization of plant viruses, genetic engineering, transgenic plants, risk assessment of virus resistant transgenic plants.

Dr. Rainer Meyhöfer

Main fields of research: Development of sustainable plant protection strategies in open land vegetable production, Optimisation of the application of beneficial organisms in the greenhouse, Intraguild predation: mechanisms and impact on populations, Invasive insect species in Germany: threat or enrichment?

Woody Plant and Propagation Physiology section

Prof. Dr. Traud Winkelmann 

Main fields of research: Physiology of propagation of horticultural crops, in vitro culture techniques, propagation of woody plants, interspecific hybridization, genetic transformation, somatic embryogenesis.

Institute of Botany

Prof. Dr. Jutta Papenbrock

Main fields of research: Plant sulfur metabolism, abiotic stress, salt – and drought tolerant plants

Institute of Plant Nutrition

Prof. Dr. Claus-Peter Witte

Main fields of resarch: Nucelotide and urea catabolism, physiological function of genes/proteins involved in nutrient remobilization